In Mast Reefing

After carefully consideration and researching i've decided to remove the in-mast reefing and revert back to slab reefing.

This has involved taking the mast down, drilling all the 80 rivets out pulling off all the in-mast reefing kit. then of course had to fill all the old rivet holes with 80 new rivets.

As the mast was down I thought should I renew all the worn parts, simple question! here we go then.

All the halyards toping lift, lazy jacks. Sheaves looked worn at the top of the mast, lets renew them as well.

The tricolor / anchor light was a bit broken and the lens was all frosted up so needed replacing. virtually no spare lenses are available for aqua signal lamps. those that you can get cost a fortune so decided to just replace with an anchor light.

Fancy a TV on board so lets put an aerial on the top, oh need new windex (the old electronic one has failed, mast unit was full of water).



Sheldon mast off at Mylor Sail entry missing trying to locate one Old Goose neck fitting holes
New goose neck
New goose neck
Don't forget to note which rope uses which sheave. Going to replace sheaves. Little spacer between sheaves Bit of a mess
Alisa's ready mast ready lets go Going up Mast on sail up. Slab reefing lovely.
Bit of organizing going on. I know what your thinking? what's with the deck paint, well preparing it for new anti-slip paint Sail up. Yes that's the new boom from allspars Plymouth. Old one had been stripped of everything when the in mast system was fitted. So made sense to replace with new. All looking good.